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  Our end to end IT solutions cater to various needs of current technologies in the IT industry. We as an organization have a rich and varied experience in providing IT solutions in the following domains:

  • IT Project Management and Consultancy
  • IT Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance
  • Systems Integration / Network Integration
  • Cloud Computing Training
  • Information Security and Audit
  • Surveillance, Remote Monitoring And Security Solutions
  • Software consultancy
  • Software Development and Support

How we are different

  Business solutions providers tend to follow the standard practical approach that has been established over the years. Such solutions always face issues when deployed in other geographical regions and are sometimes not feasible. Trioptimum understands local market dynamics in order to deliver its customers the solution that meets their technical and functional needs.


Our Approach

  • Business Coverage: Trioptimum offers continual functional and technical service enhancements which meet changing markets dynamics.
  • Technology Platform: We believe in strengthening the support capabilities by sharing the vision of a common technology platform.
  • Scalability and Cost-Effective Deployment: We understand the importance of business growth; Trioptimum offers its customers the flexibility to start with lower IT setup costs and scale up as the business grows. These implementations are time-tested, offer migration facilities and integrated approaches which offer cost-effective deployment benefits.
  • Adaptability: Our approach of an open standard interface service provides flexibility of integration with multiple platforms and protocols.

Your Benefits, Our Satisfaction

  Our satisfaction lies in your success. Hence our services rendered always concentrate on your business benefits

  • Customer-Centric Solutions: Trioptimum focuses on the collaboration with customer and partners of every sector to meet their specific requirements and deliver solutions that are easy and quick to implement and use, produce immediate value and return on investment.
  • Multiple Deployment Options: We understand the importance of staying ahead of time. Our technological solutions are built to last and never become obsolete. Our deployment methodologies are always in tune with the latest technological advancements and keep the perfectly functioning high quality business methodology evergreen.
  • Increased Security: Data Integrity and Information security are given top priority at Trioptimum. Our information security guidelines ensure peace of mind which enables our customers to focus on other key issues.
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Improved Inter-operability with satellite systems
  • Faster Time to Market for Products launches: We pride ourselves in delivering solutions to our customers′ demands within the stipulated time frame as we believe ”Time is Money”.
  • Profitable Customer Relationships: Trioptimum builds stronger relationships with its customers by understanding their needs and providing solutions which are effective and efficient.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Our experts deliver time tested solutions that are specific to the requirements of our customers leading to complete satisfaction and a lower TCO that keeps them happy.